On January 1, 2013, two communities (Monts et Vallées de l’Adour and Terres d'Armagnac) and a commune (Cannet) merged to become the Community of Communes Armagnac Adour (CCAA). It is a territory that includes 25 communities, stretching from Verlus in the South West to Averon-Bergelle, 40 kms away in the North East. Nevertheless, it is a territory with only a population of 7500 inhabitants with two administrative centres: Riscle and Aignan.

The result of the merger is an aging population, because in this territory, life is good.

The community of communes has all the necessary skills to achieve an essential objective: that of "good" living and a "better" life in our community.

It starts with:

- Early childhood care: RISCLE and AIGNAN will provide several creches.

 - Youth care in our schools: we must improve infrastructure, achieve performance in digital and artistic culture linked with extracurricular activities set by the inspector of academia, academic director of the services of the National Education, and organize school time by coordinating it with free extracurricular activities.

 - Youth care in our leisure centres: time outside of school should allow each young person to be able to enjoy multiple extra-curricular activities and to take a real vacation. 

 - economic development: to provide an environment for entrepreneurs to set up or develop their businesses,

 - Digital access: broadband must be present everywhere, through the implementation of the GERS digital development plan,

 - Support for culture, music education, the development of tourism activities and support for the Tourism Office,

 - Improvement of communication routes (roads),


and finally supporting our elderly either:

 - in their own home, managed by 2 services: SAAD (provision of home help) and SSIAD (provision of nursing help) or

 - in an accommodation facility for dependent elderly people that will offer excellent conditions of care.

That's it, the project is ambitious! Wanting to ensure a "good" living and a "better" life for our citizens is the main focus of the community councillors action plan. I can only wish us to achieve this goal ,so that you the CCAA inhabitants feel good in the 25 municipalities of our territory, so that you the visitors to the CCAA, want to definitely pack your bags!

                                                                                                       Michel PETIT

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