At the end of 2019, the community of communes Armagnac Adour continued its work to improve its infrastructure. The return to school for the year beginning September 2019 took place in good conditions:

  • The school in Saint Mont was open;
  • Offices for teachers and landscaping work was carried out at the nursery school, in Riscle;
  • Digital equipment, under a state program, was available for the schools of Riscle and Viella;
  • Space for the brand-new leisure center was made available;
  • The elementary school in Aignan was renovated and
  • The music school was delivered in time for the return of our trainee musicians....

Although the program is still not finished (the school in Viella must also undergo a rejuvenation) the children of our communities now find suitable premises for their needs, regardless of their age.

Other initiatives are not forgotten, the road program is in progress (a matter of investing between 900,000 and 1000,000 euros each year). The economy, the subject of special attention with the opening of office working spaces in Riscle while waiting for the creation of a business offices (working spaces and office rental) in a building yet to be renovated....

 But in the meantime, all have a great end to the year, with family or friends!

                                                                                                       Michel PETIT

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