Because culture helps to build identities and change our view of the world around us, the CCAA wishes to help the artistic dissemination on our territory within the framework of regional and European systems.

Specifically, it is to allow the intervention of professional artists in the field of visual arts, music, storytelling, theater and live shows. To do this, it is necessary to rely on local initiatives and to improve them by the presence of external stakeholders.

It has developed a cultural scheme in which it is necessary that our young people can confront all forms of art: music (intercommunal music school, Gypsy swing), painting, sculpture (Blue Gallery), literature (Festilivre), theater and the arts of the word (spiral with stories, theater with the tower of Terms, ...) and also the audio-visual arts. Also, when the association CARTOON PATE proposes to young people of our territory to imagine, to write and to realize a film, the result is there and well there!


After the premiere in Riscle (December 16, 2015), here is on the site the film produced by our young filmmakers:

see here

And last year, it was the movie "VIGNO CATA", to rediscover below:

see here

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