The local urban development plan of ARMAGNAC ADOUR

Since 1 January 2017, the Community of Communes Armagnac Adour (CCAA) has been responsible for drafting the intercommunal urban planning document. This is reflected in the development of the Local Urban Development Plan (PLUi), which was drawn up by the community council on September 11, 2017. 

The PLUi encompasses the 25 communes of the CCAA and will reflect legislative changes in the use of the law of the soil. This document will replace the existing municipal planning documents (PLU-Local Plan of Urbanism-, POS-Plan of Occupation of the Soils-, Communal Map). For municipalities that are subject to the RNU (National Urban Planning Regulation), it will be an opportunity to have an urban planning document.

The PLUi will collectively define spatial planning for the next 10 years (housing construction, development of activities, preservation of agriculture and landscapes, etc.). This document should be compatible and complementary with the SCOT (Territorial Coherence Scheme).


plui 1a


plui 2a


By deliberation of the community council on April 10, 2018, the METROPOLIS research department was chosen to accompany the CCAA in the elaboration of the Local urban development plan.

A working group composed of Mayors of the 25 communes or their representative, associated public persons and the research firm was set up to define a common project for the territory. Through different consultation procedures, the people living within the CCAA will be informed of the progress of the project (public meetings, ...)

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