Intercommunal school of music

The intercommunal music school Armagnac Adour is based in Riscle and welcomes for this fall 2016, 54 students (children and adults) enrolled in piano, guitar, drums, clarinet, flute, brass, saxophone and solfege. Group music is practiced with junior harmony and guitar ensemble.


The team of professors consists of 8 people, Fabien DUROU coordinates:

Drums: Alain PATAT
Piano: Guillaume PRATDESSUS
Guitar: Arnaud JUAN
Saxophone: Pascal DUCOURNAU
Brass: Fabien DUROU
Trombone-Tuba: Barnabas WIOROWSKI
Clarinet: Florent LUSSAN
Flute: Kristelle JELOVIS
Junior orchestra: Fabien DUROU
Guitar ensemble: Arnaud JUAN
Children's music theory: Kristelle JELOVIS
Adult music theory: Fabien DUROU

Master Classes are organized during the year as well as auditions.

A Master Class has been organized for this term:

- November 15, 2016: "from gesture to sound" with the intervention of the GAM (Group of Musical Animation) of Pau.

The Christmas audition took place on Friday, December 16, 2016 in Riscle. It was time for our young students to be in front of the Audience for this audition. The different classes performed brilliantly, different pieces and then they all found themselves for harmony, with some remarkable solos.

You can listen to them here

The 2016/2017 auditions of Armagnac Adour intercommunal music school:

  • Friday 17 March 2017 at 19:00 in CASTELNAVET: brass, clarinet, guitar and percussion
  • Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6:30 PM in CANNET: brass, clarinet, guitar and percussion
  • Wednesday 22 March 2017 at 18h00 in SAINT GERME: piano, flute, saxophone, percussion and musical training
  • Friday, March 29, 2017 in POUYDRAGUIN: piano, flute, saxophone, percussion and musical training
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