The advantages of our territory in terms of tourism are:

  • Wine tourism, around the appellations Madiran - Pacherenc, Saint Mont, Cotes de Gascogne and Armagnac.
  • Gastronomy and local products, foie gras and other variations ...
  • The natural environment, the Adour and the lakes of Armagnac.
  • The heritage, the Tower of Termes, the monastery of Saint Mont ...
  • Hiking routes, Saint James Way, Adour trail and other hiking routes (PR) which the CCAA provides project management.

The reception, the information and the promotion of our territory are delegated to the Tourist Office (OT) on the 2 sites of Riscle and Aignan. Every year, 8000 people seek advice for their stay with us and access useful information. The Tour de Termes and its 10,000 annual visitors is associated with the public information system and communicates information harmonized with the messages proposed by the Tourist Office.

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Tour de Termes d’Armagnac

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office de pays du val d'adour

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